WOW! Will this be the beginning of GMO labeling?


Did you think the 2014 elections were over?

Perhaps the most important single issue on the ballots this fall if not in current history is up in the air!!!

The final tally is in, and Oregon Measure 92 is heading into an official recount.

This race has come down to a difference of just 809 votes – and each and every one of the 1,506,137 votes cast will now be recounted.

But this isn’t just a process where we sit back and watch. Now that a recount has been announced, it’s more important than ever that we have the tools and resources we need to make sure every single vote is counted fairly – and with more than 1.5 million votes cast, that’s going to be a big job.

The YES ON 92 campaign needs to raise $150,000 by the time the recount starts in early December to be able to fully deploy their Emergency Recount Response Team of election observers, recount experts and attorneys across the state.

Contribute $35 right now to fund the Yes on 92 Emergency Recount Response Team

Here are the details: Starting in early December, election officials in each of Oregon’s 36 counties will begin the process of recounting all of the ballots cast in this year’s election. We don’t know yet how long this process will take, but we expect that it will last more than a week. After the recount is completed, the results will be certified and the election will be over.
This will be the first statewide recount in a general election since Oregon adopted the Vote By Mail system, so it’s absolutely critical that we have Yes on 92 representatives in every county in the state to make sure each and every vote is counted correctly.

Our right to know whether the food we’re buying contains genetically engineered ingredients hangs in the balance – Please contribute now.

November 25, 2014

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