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Ardis Hoffman

I am a Self-Actualization Coach. I help people discover who they are and help them make sense of their relationships.

Ardis Hoffman

What wellness means to me ...

Wellness means that I am in balance with my core being - body, mind and spirit. It means that I am eating the right foods that nurture my body - based on what my body tells me. It means that I am present in each and every moment of my life, practicing peace and love (not fear and pain). When I focus my intention on being happy, I am practicing Wellness.

Why I am passionate about what I do ...

I love it when the people I work with realize how wonderful they are. The more we get in touch with and love our true self, the more we blossom like flowers or fly like butterflies! It "turns me on" to be part of someone's process of self love discovery.

Areas of practice ...

  • Life Coaching
  • Relationship Coach
  • Spiritual Coach

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