Wellness Partners

Is Wellness Your Life Work?

If you are like so many wellness practitioners, you were called to do your work. You studied and practiced and you are always perfecting your art. You are all in, heart mind and soul. You are not doing your work because you expect to get wealthy; instead you have reasons such as helping to make this a better world.   We can all agree there has never been a more important time in history for us to come together as a community to do what none of us can do individually. This is THE opportunity to change the world for the better, so we can all enjoy longer, healthier and happier lives. That attracted you to your work! But why do it alone? Haven’t you found that everything you do is more fun and rewarding when you are part of a team?  Are your outcomes more powerful when you have co-creative synergy with others? Take that to the next level and be part of a movement! The movement to UPLIFT WELLNESS!

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Become a Wellness Partner with MasterMinds 4 Wellness to

  • Celebrate successes!
  • Be supported in building your practice with training and support specialized to wellness practitioners. Marketing, technology, social media and more!
  • Earn affiliate commissions simply by making our courses available to your clients!
  • Collaborate with experts in other specialties to co-create even better solutions!
  • Be seen and heard by sharing your thoughts and experiences via blogs!
  • Help people go off auto-pilot and start new wellness habits with a video challenge!
  • Enjoy an additional marketing venue for your workshops and classes!
  • Have access to new clients and patients!
  • Participate in groups and classes!
  • Be one of the first 1,000 Wellness Partners to get all this and much more for FREE!!!


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It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3

  1. Sign up for our email list as a site member. Enjoy our thank you gift, the UPLIFT Your WELLNESS Now! 10 day challenge
  2. Fill out the Wellness Partner application some of the information will be used in your bio on this site to help more visitors and perspective clients learn about you and your work
  3. Join the affiliate program to enjoy the rewards of introducing this great resource to people seeking a longer, happier and healthier life.

Once you are approved as a Wellness Partner

  • You will be part of our movement to Uplift Wellness! by co-creating a global Wellness Community!
  • Send us your Blog Articles! You can submit blog articles following our Blog Guidelines.
  • Not sure what to write about? No problem, see our Editorial Calendar for ideas.
  • Create a Wellness Tip video challenge that will help Wellness Seekers expand their wellness habits.
  • Participate in groups and programs to support you in building your practice.
  • Create webinars and participate in courses to support wellness seekers on their journeys.
  • Much, much, more

This is also THE opportunity to show the world what can be done when people come together in synergy, full heartedly, with clear intentions of service and support.

Apply now!