The Master Mind Process

MastermindsGroup Synergy through the Master Mind Process

In the 1930’s Napoleon Hill studied the most successful people of the time and wrote several books.

In his work, he found that one of the secrets of the most successful people is their participation in master mind groups. The Master Mind process uses principles of group synergy and support to propel people to success. What makes our programs unique is that we are always incorporating support through forums or master mind  groups. We want to see you celebrate successes and assist each other over “speed bumps”, set goals and be accountable. These are the very same practices the most successful people use to achieve their desired outcomes.

“The Master Mind element of this adventure in wellness is what really excites me, because through the Master Mind process you will grow at an exponential level. Groups (small communities), together will raise the bar by challenging each other, brainstorming solutions, and offering support with honesty, respect, compassion and humor. The Master Mind process is how the magic really happens to reach goals you never thought possible.” – Gwen Garcelon, M.A.C.L.