RelationshipsExplore Your Relationship to Your Self

What is Wellness all about? Self Love. It’s taking the time in our lives to honor and appreciate the magnificence of who we are and how we impact others. Once you start focusing your attention on Wellness – you are on your path to a better relationship to your Self and others.

Our approach to Relationship education begins with focusing on self and then leads to others as well as our relationship to money. We recognize that how we were raised by our parents, and the messages we received from them as well as our culture have impacted how we live our lives. We need to revisit our past (briefly) in order to set a new course that leads to the life we imagined when we were children! We will support you in improving all of your relationships beginning with your relationships to self.

“Everything in our lives can be viewed through the lens of relationship, through the process of relating with yourself and with every other ‘other’ there is! As you discover and align with your innate sense of right relationship, you’ll cultivate wholeness in your life ‘listening more deeply, making better choices, and living an increasingly vibrant life!'” – Kimberlie Chenoweth