Reclaiming the Power Of Your Mind

I just finished watching a fascinating TedTalk by Dr Alia Crum, a professor, psychologist, and researcher investigating how mindsets affect health and behavior.

Dr Crum gives compelling evidence demonstrating that when we “think” about something (our mindset) actually influences our bodies response to that thing. In this 18 minute TedTalk, she shares the results of 4 clinical research trials measuring the “mindset” impact of medicine injections (morphine), exercise, eating and perceptions of stress.

There is so much we do not know and understand about how our body/mind work. It’s not difficult for most of us to imagine the placebo effect, and why it works. How many times have you really wanted something to happen (or really wanted something not to happen!) and it did! Manifestation usually gets the credit for this phenomenon or we might call it a coincidence.

How can we start reclaiming the power of our mind?

First, if you don’t believe it’s possible – it’s time you go watch Dr Crum’s TedTalk! If you believe it is possible, then you can make it so! Connect your thoughts with your heart and find the positive way to look at all parts of your life.

I am grateful for finding out about Dr Crum and the work that is being done in the world of science and medicine to prove to us what powerful creators of our own reality we truly are! If you want to get more great healthy living tips like this check out our other blog posts.

Change your Mindset, Change the Game: Dr. Alia Crum at TEDxTraverseCity 2014

August 30, 2014

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  1. Profile photo of Rita Marsh Rita Marsh says:

    Thanks for sharing Dr. Crum’s presentation with the M4W community! One of the fascinating research studies Alia was co-author for was about Exercise and the Placebo effect. Subjects for the study were hotel room attendants who did not perceive the activity of their job as physical activity. When they did take on the mind set that the work was physical activity they showed a decrease in weight, blood pressure, body fat, waist-to-hip ratio, and body mass index. Mind power at work! You can read the study paper at

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