Peter and Ardis

PeterPeter Goldstein, Founder and President

I am “doing” this because I want a front row seat to celebrate the tipping point of Prevention and Wellness over dis-ease. I am not a guru. I have been an entrepreneur my whole life and I love bringing together people and systems to offer solutions to problems. What bigger problem than our current health care crisis – where children born today have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. As a new grandpa this is an unacceptable situation.


ArdisArdis Hoffman, Chief Inspiration Officer (and Wellness Goddess)

I am “doing” this because everything I have done has led to this! I believe with all of my heart that each one of us has the capacity to experience joy. I believe that love is the answer and Wellness is the key to self love and bliss. I am not a guru. My background is in business management (B.S. in Business Administration, Human Resources) and I have 30 years management experience, 20 of in medical clinics. Funny how it has all turned out…read more