NutritionShifting from S.A.D. (Standard American Diet)

Did you know that the S.A.D. lifestyle actually causes the 5 top chronic health conditions 133 million Americans suffer from today? Are you on the path of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity or depression?

There is no single “diet” that works for everyone! Just like there are many different types of personalities, there are also many different body types that have different “fuel” requirements.

Our Nutrition education recognizes the bio-individual perspective of nutrition. We bring a variety of leading edge nutritional options from a variety of practitioners who specialize in Wellness. You have the joy of discovering for yourself, what works best for your body. Learn which foods make you feel healthier and happier and can lead to a longer life!

Heart attacks and strokes are the most common cause of death in the U.S. and are also a major cause of disability. Most can be prevented. Learn why and what you can do to prevent these devastating and often fatal events from happening to you and your loved ones.” Greg Feinsinger, M.D., Director of Glenwood Medical Associate’s Heart Attack, Stroke, and Diabetes Prevention Center.