How to Create Emotional Well-Being

How to Create Emotional Well-Being

Most of us are acutely aware that our emotions are key players in our health and well-being. Some believe that human beings are actually programmed to seek peace and happiness, but often our radar fails. Our traumas are unresolved, our losses never absorbed and our stress, we’re told, is compromising our core, leaving us vulnerable to illness and disease. Often we’re advised by friends, family and our own physicians to medicate our sadness and our angst. Whether driven by confusion or common sense, we consent to ingesting chemically complex prescription drugs into our neurological system, which usually comes with a lengthy list of side effects. Dependence on mood-enhancing opioid drugs is now a major social issue in most societies, including the U.S.

Can you gain emotional well-being without prescriptions?

M4W is built on the belief that when we value our true selves, tap into good quality information, and support each other, we can shift to making choices that serve us. M4W focuses on giving you the tools needed to achieve your well-being without chemicals. This process nurtures new habits that create a natural and sustainable state of holistic well-being. Through live and online programming, we create systems of genuine support. We begin a curriculum together, share our reactions, help each other overcome obstacles, set achievable goals and hold each other accountable. Ultimately, those actions generate success, and together we celebrate our success. In Daniel Goleman’s 1995 book Emotional Intelligence, it set off a new approach to research and perception around our emotional well-being. Today, the phrase or its colloquial acronym “EQ” shows up everywhere, from New Yorker cartoons to preschool admission tests. We all understand that in order to realize happiness, self-love and genuine purpose in our lives we need to learn and practice ways to balance and calm our emotions.

Your emotional well-being comes from more than just your thoughts

Together we’ll identify what nurtures our mind-body and what poisons it. We’ll examine our food, lifestyle, work and relationships to pinpoint toxic behaviors, learn to defuse them and build new templates not only for balance, but for fun. Together we’ll reprogram the places inside that resonate to love, playfulness and full appreciation of all the blessings we have been gifted. As the famous words of Margaret Mead always remind us: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” If you want more information about mastering your emotional well-being or “EQ”, look through our Masterminds 4 Wellness programs on this site.

July 15, 2014

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