Emotional Wellness


Emotional Wellness

There is more and more research pointing to the link between our emotions and dis-ease (illness). We have all experienced how our eating habits are at times directed by our emotional state of being.

We can easily excuse ourselves (or beat ourselves up) for what we may eat when we are depressed, angry, hurt or the opposite – when we are celebrating!  Most of us reach for our “special needs” foods or “tasty toxic treats” which are likely loaded with sugar. If you haven’t heard by now – sugar is not good for you – and it’s not just about your teeth!

Our Emotional Wellness education explores all angles of Emotional Wellness in relation to food, mindfulness, self love.  Emotional blocks (or imbalances) may be sabotaging your wellness. Gaining emotional balance will support you in shifting lifestyle and crowding out habits and the foods that don’t serve. Your body, mind and spirit will welcome and celebrate this process.

“Personal empowerment and deepening understanding are really important elements of my work so I greatly look forward to sharing with you principles and techniques that will really help you to improve your emotional well-being, and food selection, from the inside out.” –  Jon Robson, META-Medicine Health Specialist