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Changing The Face Of Health Communication – For Doctors By Doctors

The face of your doctor has changed. You may visit your local family physician for an annual check-up, but you watch Dr. Oz everyday to get advice about your health and well-being. Maybe you catch him on network TV—where he broadcasts five days a week—or visit his website to research issues or purchase supplements.

Andrew Weil, Joel Fuhrman, and Sanjay Gupta are three other prominent MDs who have broken out of their offices and into the American airwaves. Prior to the internet explosion, through network news-bites and PBS specials, they were the first to introduce us to medical information in public formats, where we could actually learn about all kinds of health issues outside our doctor’s office or local libraries.

Today, the web is a vibrant virtual exchange where research and conversations about health and medical information is flourishing. It is a place where patients with the same illness—once totally dependent on narrow and sometimes flawed treatments or advice—can now share insights, successes and new research. They can also find doctors and see what others think of those doctors.

The public finally has more options for their healthcare information

M4W is devoting airspace to an entire field of new faces, to physicians across the world who are intent on venturing out of the hallowed halls and into direct interchange with their peers. This page—By Docs for Docs—will also allow the rest of us to listen in on their conversations, exposing us to advances and potential new approaches before they hit the headlines.

According to a recent editorial in the esteemed British Medical Journal, “medical practice is informed by an incomplete research base bedeviled with selection and reporting bias, and at worst fraud. The preservation of institutional bureaucracies, as well as professional and commercial vested interests, has consistently trumped the interests of patients.”

The media at large, the web in particular, and here, with vested interest, we seek to break open these traditions. We invite all physicians and healthcare professionals practicing any specialty anywhere in the world to open the conversation.

If you are starting a clinical trial, adding alternative or advanced treatments to your practice, discovering new trends in a lab, or simply wish to introduce yourself as a doctor open to and known for partnering with your patients in co-creating health, we want to hear from you.

We are seeking original blogs, not printed or reprinted in any other venues, that you are willing to post with links to your contacts and services. This forum offers exposure and communication among progressive physicians worldwide. It offers the opportunity to contribute to a diverse network of information with the boundless potential to influence advanced treatments, public awareness and partnerships that cultivate healing and cures.


July 15, 2014

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