About Us

About Us

MasterMinds 4 Wellness is a progressive wellness community and health educational company committed to creating healthy minds and healthy bodies. We don’t rely on ONE EXPERT OR ONE GURU. Instead, we pull from the top wellness experts, alternative healthcare professionals and medical professionals from all over the country. We share their tips, research and guidance on various health topics with YOU, the Wellness Seeker.

No more wondering if your ONLINE health and wellness resource is credible & reliable!

Our programs, resources and community are designed to show people how to live healthy lives, discover healthy eating tips, gain resources to enhance their mental health, and access 24/7 forums to research-based health and nutrition education. All to make YOU “healthwise,” create wellness in all parts of your life, and ultimately transform your “whole” body.


We provide live and virtual programs, resources and community support

Our educational resources and programs take an integrative approach:

How Does All Of This Work? And How Do YOU Get Started?

We collaborate with wellness professionals from around the country to create our programs and support our community. Our goal is to attract 20,000 wellness professionals globally to join the movement as Wellness Partners. Wellness Partners are passionate, expert practitioners and professionals in their specialty who are fully committed to improving lives. By collaborating with the best minds in health and wellness, we will bring you the best blogs, webinars, forum conversations and 90 Day transformational experiences found anywhere.

Our mission is to Uplift Wellness Globally!

Wellness seekers (You!), can begin to experience the uplifting effects of MasterMinds 4 Wellness by joining one of our free challenges, reading our blog, subscribing to our free newsletter, taking part in one of our cutting-edge webinars, 90 Day Transformational Events or LIVE Events. Did I mention the Fun Parties that Really Cook?


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MasterMinds 4 Wellness takes a multi-faceted approach to exploring and developing long lasting habits that promote wellness and prevent dis-ease.  Learn More about Our Approach.

I believe in order to have a fuller, happier and healthier life, we each need to discover our own personal wellness practice. Human beings are complex and no single-focused quick fix is ever enough.       

– Peter Goldstein, Founder

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